Tibet in Widescreen

Tibet is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery of my journey around the globe.  Although its nearly impossible to capture a true representation of Tibet’s sweeping landscapes with a camera, in this post I share with you a series of panoramic photos in my mostly vain attempt to communicate the size and beauty of the land and the vastness (and blueness) of Tibet’s skies.  (Click on the photos below to see a larger version in Flickr.)

Lake Namtso

Sakya Monestary, Tibet Baby Mount Everest Tibetan Plain Hay Field Yumbu Lhakang Monestary Grassy Fields, Snow Capped Mountains 

(all images are copyright 2008 Andy Stoll, and should not be used without prior permission.)

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3 Responses to “Tibet in Widescreen”

  1. Andy Marinkovich Says:

    Stoll- those are wicked cool!
    Top notch work man!

  2. Rob Says:

    Wow those photos are great Andy nice work!

  3. Lora Says:

    Woah… these rock.

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