Around-The-World In Photos

Don’t have time to read my entire travelogue?  Click on the mosaic below to see my entire trip around-the-world in 100 photos.  Once the slideshow opens, click on each photo for a location caption.

Around-The-World In Photos

If you’re a regular reader here at, you have probably figured out, I’m posting stuff in chronological order, following along the path of my trip, which began in August of 2006.

There are a couple of reason why there is a lag between when I visit a place and when I actually post about it: 1) it takes me time to write and edit the stories, process the photos, and caption the videos, as I am constantly traveling on trains, planes, cars, buses and boats, in addition to the fact that 2) its often hard to find a fast enough (and reliable) internet connection in much of the world to do such things.

To help minimize a bit of this lag, and due to popular demand (including a request from my mom) I’ve added a new ever-growing gallery onto the travelogue called Around-The-World In Photos. This is, and will continue to be, a collection of self-portraits (which I have a tendency to shy away from) of me on my trip, in which I’m doing interesting things in interesting places.

That way (mom), you can get a sense of the place I am currently in, and you can confirm that I am breathing and alive. Although you might have to wait a bit for the story about the pictures, it’ll at least show you a bit about what I am doing presently.

Bookmark the gallery (and bookmark this travelogue or add our RSS Feed if you haven’t already) and check back often, as I’ll try to add photos to this gallery regularly.

Thanks for coming along,

Key to the mosaic above: 1. Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, China, 2. Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, China, 3. North Point, Hong Kong, China, 4. Shatin, Hong Kong, China., 5. Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, China, 6. Central, Hong Kong, China, 7. Central, Hong Kong, China, 8. Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, China, 9. Beijing, China, 10. Bandling, China, 11. Tokyo, Japan, 12. Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, 13. Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, 14. Kyoto, Japan, 15. Hakone, Japan, 16. Sai Kung, Hong Kong, China, 17. China, 18. Family Photo, 19. Macau, China, 20. Xun Zhou, China, 21. Xun Zhou, China, 22. Singapore, 23. Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 24. Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 25. Near Saigon, Vietnam., 26. Near Saigon, Vietnam., 27. Vietnam, 28. Danang, Vietnam, 29. Hui An, Vietnam, 30. Hui An, Vietnam, 31. Vietnam, 32. Hue, Vietnam, 33. Hue, Vietnam, 34. Hue, Vietnam, 35. Halong Bay, Vietnam, 36. Zhongdian, China

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4 Responses to “Around-The-World In Photos”

  1. Rob Says:

    Oh how I envy you a thousand times over. Seeing everything the world has to offer in sites and people. :)

  2. Katie Says:

    Nice pic! Your photographer must have spent hours getting the lighting just right. Glad I could be a part of you very first ski-boarding experience!

  3. Amy Johnson Boyle Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us — what an amazing experience! I am so impressed that you’re doing it (and so jealous). Enjoy all that the world has to offer, then come back to Iowa and put it to good use here. In the meantime, we miss you!

  4. urjee Says:

    hey Andy, hi
    thats very wonderful journey. I hope that you learn a lot of things from this journey and thanks for sharing yr beatiful journey all over the world.

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