Guest Traveler: Davey “Dance” Fishel

[The next in a series of posts by people I’ve met along the way.]

Name: Davey “Dance” Fishel

Hometown: New York City, NY USA

Where he is traveling: Europe

Davey Dance will make you smile. He is a friend of mine from college. He is traveling in Europe, is a film director, writer and editor, and he just moved out of Paris headed to an editing job in Germany. In the meantime, he’s made a really funny set of videos that involve him, an iPod, a famous landmark and an improvised dance route to a hit pop song.

From locations around Spain, France, Italy, and elsewhere Davey dances to the tunes of Tom Waits, The Postal Service, The Beatles, and even Vanilla Ice.

The results are hilarious, and you can see them all here. Below I tried to choose my favorite, but it was a tough call so I chose three: #1 (in Paris) is my selection for the the “best dance moves” category, #2 (at The Vatican) wins in the “best dance in a crowd” category, and #3 (in Barcelona) wins in the “best background extras.” Watch all the videos yourself, and comment on your favorite in the comments section of this travelogue.

Keep dancing Davey, and maybe I’ll have to submit my own dance video to your collection.

(Careful good readers, don’t click the links unless you’re ready to lose an hour of your day….)

Davey Dance Blog -6- PARIS – Katerine – “Apres Moi”


Davey Dance Blog -1- VATICAN – Tom Waits – “Chocolate Jesus”




Davey Dance Blog -12- BARCELONA – I’m From Barcelona – “Treehouse”




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4 Responses to “Guest Traveler: Davey “Dance” Fishel”

  1. Katie Says:

    So when do we get to see Andy Stoll showing off his Dance Marathon skills?

  2. Aryn Says:

    Oh my, Andy, this was amazing! Thank you for posting these – I want to know this man!

  3. Briana Says:

    How do you think the current recession will affect the travel business? Maybe people still want to travel – just cheaper?

  4. Andy Says:

    It will likely not affect high end luxury travel too much (and I just saw a CNN report that said Dubai’s top hotels are still booked solid) and I actually think the recession will be a boost to the budget travel industry (where I’m at) because not only will more people who are out of work decide to strike out and travel, it will also bring mid-range travelers down to the budget level. In the end, the impact will be on middle-class travel (think middle class, family travel), which I’m sure will take a beating.

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