Things That Make Me Laugh: Japan

Travel constantly reminds me that we must always have a sense of humor. To help provide you a few laughs, may I present the first of an ongoing series, called “Things That Make Me Laugh.” Here is Part I of the Japan edition.

In A Shopping Mall in Tokyo

Japanese English provides some good laughs to many foreigners, here is a case-in-point. We were waiting in a shopping mall in Japan when I came across this little translation blunder. This is a construction wall (you know the kind they put up to hide new construction, like in a shopping mall) I can’t read Japanese, but my assumption is that someone didn’t read the sign and decided to learn.

Do Not Learn

Craft Store. Shibuya District. Tokyo.

No one would argue with me that the Japanese culture is obsessed with cute things. Here is a cute little frog/alien picture frame/height measuring board for your cute kid with a “cute” idea on how to have some cute “fun”. Seems kid and adults in Japan, have similar ideas of fun.
Let's Get Naked

APA Hotel Bedstand, Ita-bashi. Tokyo.

This was good for hours of laughter. As we inspected our new hotel room in Ita-bashi, we came across this little package right next to the Gideon Bible. None of us could read Japanese, but by the looks of the picture it appears that what we’re dealing with is a depressed raccoon. The raccoon is so depressed, he has decided to kill himself. Thank god the APA Hotel provides sterile suicide bags WITH directions. Seriously, click on the photo for a bigger version and look at the picture and directions, and try to figure out what this is for.
Suicide Bag?

Ok, in all actuality, for those of you who are curious: Turns out this bag is meant to be used if there is a fire. Here is my take at the translation of the step-by-step instructions (you can follow along with the step-by-step photos):

* Step #1 Fill bag with air.

* Step #2 Flee the building with the bag over your head.

* Step #3 Die of asphyxiation as you stumble down the stairs as the smoke-filled hotel burns to the ground.

* Step #4 Be reincarnated as a raccoon.

4 Responses to “Things That Make Me Laugh: Japan”

  1. Helen Says:

    emm, you not only learned, but made assumption. You made the one writing the notice cry.

  2. Marink Says:

    I just wet myself at work- laughing at this. Nice.

  3. Katie Says:

    I’ve got a guy in my office right now trying to translate that plastic bag thing for us. Thanks for helping to spice up a day in the life of an engineer!

  4. Andy Says:

    Please feel free to post the translation, if you come up with it!

    Sorry Marink, if you’re embarrased, I’ve got a plastic bag you can kill yourself with.

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